Wizard Stats

2018 Standings
  1. Player Rating Games WWPG % Score
    1Mike Fullgraf1.18061.6670.693
    2Jane Ennis0.96581.2500.679
    3Stéphane Levac0.81980.8750.762
    4Eric D'Souza0.50370.4290.578
    -Maricar Jandu-3--
    -Robin Jandu-3--

  1. Minimum games to qualify for standings: 5
    Two members of the W/J ultimate team OR two ranked members on the stats (or a combo of those) must be playing for the game to count
    There must be a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 6
    The players in a game cannot all have the same last name
    You must play a full game for it to count - and no replacements during the game